AMP4Email – what’s new?

Some time ago, we wrote a text about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Gmail. This mysterious acronym, although seems somewhat complicated, just means dynamic e-mail messages. Recently, there has been a significant change, especially from the point of view of recipients.

Let us start from the top

E-mail messages in the form of AMP4Email can be seen as a website that can be viewed in your inbox. The industry has long been complaining that, technologically, e-mails stopped developing ages ago, while in other channels, it is hard to keep up with technological advancements. AMP4Email is a solution to the problem and an opportunity to distinguish oneself among the competition.

There’s no time to lose!

In times like this, when many companies go from offline to online, clever digital solutions are even more valuable. Thanks to this technology, we can provide the users with all the information in the e-mail environment (e.g. stock exchange data in real time or a possibility to make a purchase without going to external websites). Why is it so important? Interaction here and now is a way to attract internet users who not only live increasingly faster, but also consume the Internet. If we have caught at least a bit of their attention, it would be a shame to lose it.

What’s new?

AMP4Email is an open-source technology, which allows developers to modify and improve it any time they want. Recently, the technology has been supported by Gmail mobile applications for iOS! Earlier, the Android application was supported, while since 28 April, displaying these messages is fully supported in the application working under iOS.


Dawid Bartodziej

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