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Animat is a result of our passion for animation in every form. We created a brand that showcases animations made by our team.. On the landing page we explore what can be done with original ideas of our clients, and show t the process in which those ideas turn into finished products. This is what we call Animat.


The challenge we set for ourselves was to create a website that in one place would show the whole spectrum of our animation skills. One of the goals that guided us in creating Animat was to show animations in a fresh way, based on the latest trends. We decided to present an innovative approach to their presentation and at the same time promote them as our service.


When designing the website, our starting point was the visual identification of the Kreatik brand, which is why Animat is in vivid colours. To maintain the lightness of presentation and compliance with trends we chose isometric graphics. This illustration technique was also chosen due to the large potential for its animation. An innovative and fresh approach was also undoubtedly the combination of two animation techniques – thanks to the use of Bodymovin, Lottie and Overlord plugins, traditional animation has been translated into code and embedded directly on the site.


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