Effective content marketing in the B2B model

The B2B market is governed by its own rules and effective content marketing for this market requires a different approach and communication strategy than in the case of the B2C model. Some marketing specialists argue that content marketing tools are […]

What to do to make a splash? Five features of a good viral.

Viral – it would seem that preparing a short video spot that will flood the Internet is not the hardest thing to do. Well-conducted brainstorming, creative concept, brilliant subcontractor, charismatic actors, surprising animations, and there you go! We’ve got it. […]

#DebunkingMyths  –  lead generation is an expensive and complicated process

Lead generation is a complicated term that, for some, seems to be a process that is as hard as heart surgery. I must disappoint you – the only thing these two procedures have in common is that you need to […]

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