When and why do we need rebranding?

More than one in three companies have undergone rebranding in the past five years, while one in four companies still has visual identification that is older than 10 years – such are conclusions from a market survey carried out by IPSOS […]

Online neuromarketing

Consumer decision-making is a process that marketing specialists have been trying to understand and influence for many years. How to attract the recipient’s attention? What determines the attractiveness of an advertisement or a product? How to fast track the purchasing […]

E-mail marketing in 5 steps

E-mail marketing is a very attractive, but, most of all, effective form of contacting the customer. It allows reaching wide groups of recipients, while it does not require sophisticated tools. Appreciate the power of e-mail marketing and take a closer look at a few principles that you need to follow to make such campaigns effective.

Effective content marketing in the B2B model

The B2B market is governed by its own rules and effective content marketing for this market requires a different approach and communication strategy than in the case of the B2C model. Some marketing specialists argue that content marketing tools are […]

What to do to make a splash? Five features of a good viral.

Viral – it would seem that preparing a short video spot that will flood the Internet is not the hardest thing to do. Well-conducted brainstorming, creative concept, brilliant subcontractor, charismatic actors, surprising animations, and there you go! We’ve got it. […]

#DebunkingMyths  –  lead generation is an expensive and complicated process

Lead generation is a complicated term that, for some, seems to be a process that is as hard as heart surgery. I must disappoint you – the only thing these two procedures have in common is that you need to […]

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