Kreatik talks – Darek Knopinski about the importance of users in product development

Maria, CEO and strategist at Kreatik talks to Darek Knopinski, UX and Conversion Director at Allegro about the growth of the e-commerce market, the importance of users in product development, and how technology can change our healthcare. Good morning Darek. […]

Med-Tech mobile appliacations

Nowadays, technological changes have spread to virtually every sector of society. Some industries are characterized by dizzying growth rates year after year. Without a doubt, we can single out the health sector, including the MedTech market, which is likely to […]

Top 15 features you need to include in your marketplace

The global e-commerce market has undergone a revolutionary change in the last two years. Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated the departure of customers from brick-and-mortar stores and forced many companies to abandon their traditional business models. In the years 2019-2020, we […]


SaaS applications is the cloud software sharing model, in which a cloud provider develops and maintains applications, provides automatic updates and makes the software available to its customers via the Internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. SaaS has definitely transformed the […]

Kreatik talks – Daniel Johnson explains why feedback is crucial to business growth.

Maria, CEO and strategist at Kreatik talks to Daniel Johnson, We Scale Startups founding partner, business mentor, and professional speaker about the influence of culture and emotions on business, why customer feedback is key to success, and why users always […]

Community impact on online education

The importance of building a community around online education continues to grow. What has also contributed to this is the global pandemic. In a matter of weeks, many schools, universities, and educational service organizations have moved their operations to the […]

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