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Borjomi is a manufacturer of Georgian mineral water of volcanic origin. Its product is exported to over 30 countries around the world. Borjomi has a long tradition and is considered one of the most exclusive waters in the world. IDS Borjomi International is a leader in the category of natural bottled waters in the CIS and Baltic countries.


Our task was to create a marketing strategy for the brand on the Polish market. The aim of our activities was to raise awareness among consumers and increase the sales of Borjomi water in Poland.


We have created a communication strategy based on four archetypes whose behaviours are identical with the brand values. The target groups are foodies, art lovers, passionate travellers and amateurs of an active lifestyle. The motto of the campaign is STAN BORJOMI – the state of mind of Borjomi. It symbolized values as activeness, curiosity of the world, openness to new sensations and flavours and creativity.

We have planned comprehensive activities including communication through social media, bumper ads campaign, new landing page and events. Our content is created so that it suits different characteristics of these four target groups.

All activities are based on key performance indicators established with the client, thanks to which we successively follow the results of our activities.


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