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The main goal of the campaign was to promote the idea of “Don’t buy, adopt.” The indirect goal was also the financial support of our client – Głosem Zwierząt Foundation.

Animal’ s homelessness in Poland is still a huge problem. Polish shelters are full, and their workers have still so much to do. Aware of these problems, Głosem Zwierząt Foundation asked us for a creative concept of the campaign, which aims to promote the idea of ​​”Don’t buy, adopt”. The indirect goal of the campaign was also financial support for the organization – direct online payment or transfer of 1% of income tax.

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

We set on the message that the emotions of lonely pets are not so different from human emotions. We all sometimes feel sadness, loneliness and longing. 

In contrast to many social campaigns, we wanted to lead a fun, playful narrative. Lonely hearts ads, popular primarily in the West in the 1980s and 1990s, became our inspiration. People eager for love sent VHS tapes presenting their greatest advantages. We showed actors telling what’s important for them in relationships and what they look for in a soulmate. In our story however, we reversed the play, as the recipients of lonely hearts ads were animals, who watched them on TV. 

We cooperated with the experienced director duo Andiamo, which took up not only directing but also the production of the entire campaign. We knew that in order to show completely different characters and stories, we had to engage the best actors so that they could inspire curiosity, fun, and compassion. They all agreed to appear in the campaign for free. On the set there were also dogs who showed their angelic patience and full professionalism… impressive 🙂

Outcomes of our

Thanks to the small performance campaign and PR activities, our campaign has reached almost one million views on Youtube, over 500,000 views on Facebook and Instagram.

According to Newspoint, the estimated reach of our campaign was 1.3 million recipients and a media equivalent of 151.5k zł. The feedback from recipients  was very positive. We were praised for originality and humor and the ability to surprise the viewer.

views on Youtube
views on FB and IG
Certainly their greatest strength is creativity. The way they approached the topic of promoting the animal adoption campaign was very interesting, fresh, but also showed our message in a simple and understandable way. Another reason why I would recommend Kreatik is their ease of communication, accessibility and the ability to adapt to changes and requests from the client.
Alicja Gaca
CEO, Animal Voice Foundation


Kreatura 2020 in the Social Campaign / CSR category

Super proud!!!
Super proud!!!
Super proud!!!
Super proud!!!

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