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CHIAS is one of the first manufacturers of chia seed drinks in Europe, and the first manufacturer of such drinks in Poland. Apart from chia seeds originating from a farm in the Andes, the drinks contain solely natural ingredients: juice, water, and coconut milk. The drinks are vegan and gluten-free and don’t contain any sugar or artificial preservatives. To present all of the benefits of this product, CHIAS needed a new website – that’s where we stepped in.

Our task was to design a responsive website that would tap CHIAS’ existing corporate identity and, due to the innovative nature of the products, would also fulfill an educational function.

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

We created a minimalist website with a modular layout.

With a large number of beautiful photos, their products are presented in a clear and unobtrusive way – both on the home page as well as in the products section and in the footer. Additionally, we created subtle animations on the website and embedded an automatic Instagram feed.

The site also features a store locator allowing clients to find the nearest store offering CHIAS products.

From the very beginning, clear rules of cooperation, assigning a project manager, open and transparent communication was our success. During the project implementation, the company proposed additional application functionalities that were not planned in the first phase of implementation. It showed us that Kreatik is focused on the customer and his satisfaction, and not on closing another project.
Martyna Morawiec
HR Coordinator, Orbico Group
The company was pleased with the responses to the project which has been generally positive. The company is confident that the project will be effective as the team won a marketing award for its efforts on it specifically. The team’s approach to the topic was interesting.
Alicja Gaca
CEO, Fundacja Głosem Zwierząt

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Why are we so good at what we do? Because our team consists of people experienced in work in various industries, with different education and extraordinary passions that we develop after work.
Agnieszka Mieszała
Project Manager
Dawid Bartodziej
Head of Delivery
Monika Konarzewska
Head of UX Design
Joanna Kluczka
Head of UI Design

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