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When observing market changes, it’s clear that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are looking for new solutions that will help them in battling the competition they face from big-box stores. Eurocash Alkohole – aware of the challenges their clients face and – provided support by offering sales tools that address those problems.

During extensive research and interviews conducted with retailers, it turned out that the main limitations for small grocery shops and liquor stores are: (1) lack of access to professional promotional materials, (2) lack of modern communication channels through which they can reach customers with their offer, (3) store employees not having expert knowledge about the products they sell.

Kreator Gazetek is an easy-to-use tool for creating leaflets and advertising posters and having them printed and delivered. Kreator Gazetek has ready-made attractive templates and a full-feature product catalog with plenty of images.

By adding products currently in stock to the template, store owners can create their own promotional leaflets in a matter of minutes. Then, after specifying the quantity and format, they can have them printed and delivered. With a single click, store owners can order their brochures and posters which are then printed and delivered directly to their shops. Furthermore, retailers can reduce costs of printing even to zero by including advertisements and brand-promotions in their prints. Kreator Gazetek is a building block in a suite of modern tools for sales activation which we have developed for Eurocash Alkohole.

Drinco is part of a wider strategy to build modern sales activation tools that we have created for Eurocash Alkohole. The Drinco app offers solutions for both sellers and their customers. For customers, it shows a catalog of the latest deals and coupons.

Customers can browse available coupons on their mobile devices and go to a store of their choice which they can locate using the map of sale points. To redeem their deal, a customer scans a unique code at the store and buys a product at a discounted price. On the seller’s side, there is a panel where they can choose which coupons and what deals they want to offer in their own stores.

The PingWin app is intended for store employees. It features short video lessons and quick quizzes, more like a fun game rather than work training. Users can earn badges, create their teams, and compete against other stores.

The primary aim of PingWin is, however, education – sellers will find lots of useful information and interesting facts from the world of alcoholic drinks. Thanks to its accessible form, store employees can develop their knowledge during work. The PingWin app constitutes one element of a comprehensive strategy to build modern sales activation tools that we have been developing for Eurocash Alkohole.

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