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Geek Girls Carrots is a global grassroots organisation focused on women in tech and female entrepreneurs. We gather to inspire, learn from each other, share knowledge. We believe that girls in new technologies are the avant-garde of innovation. We want to overcome stereotypes by bringing more diversity into the tech world. Find out what we do, where and when you can join and start coding!

Our task was to create a responsive website for the community, that is already widely recognized (operates in over 30 cities around the world). We wanted the new site to reflect the character of this community.

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

When designing the website, we focused on a transparent and minimalist layout.

We put a strong emphasis on providing information about events by using the option of selecting the content based on geolocation. An important element of the project was also informing about partners, job offers in the IT industry and blog.

They stood out during the strategic part because they understand our needs and proposed the right solutions in terms of layout and information topology. They tried to understand the usage context, and then proposed the best possible solution. They’ve definitely proven what they’re capable of.
Marek Nadra
Business Solution Manager, Supporting the Enterprise, CBS Dan’IS, DACH, Danone GmBH
The company was pleased with the responses to the project which has been generally positive. The company is confident that the project will be effective as the team won a marketing award for its efforts on it specifically. The team’s approach to the topic was interesting.
Alicja Gaca
CEO, Fundacja Głosem Zwierząt

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We devise. We design. We deploy.

Why are we so good at what we do? Because our team consists of people experienced in work in various industries, with different education and extraordinary passions that we develop after work.
Maria Połońska
Dawid Bartodziej
Head of Delivery

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