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The client approached us with a request to design a solution thanks to which he would be able to reach young recipients of his services, their parents and primary school employees. INEA is a company that operates in the area of B2B, B2C and B2G. As part of the last area, INEA provides Internet to schools. Our task was to design a solution that would support schools and parents in digital education, and at the same time nurturing children’s curiosity.




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We decided to ask the interested parties themselves what is important to them in the context of using the Internet. We have learned that many parents and teachers believe that the internet does not offer content that can be educated and entertained by children. The children, on the other hand, complained about the offer of educational games and activities which, in their opinion, was too boring. After a series of in-depth interviews, we thought about a project that will allow us to show that the Internet is a place full of good content, arousing curiosity about the world and offering students new interests. We have created a catalog of good websites.

All the content recommended there has been verified by educators and psychologists and divided into thematic categories and age groups. At, teachers will also find a list of tools and solutions supporting home learning. The catalog is still evolving. There is a simple form on the website, thanks to which users can add more good pages. These, after verification by administrators, are placed on the platform.

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

How did it go?

The project was launched sooner than planned to support teachers, parents and students in the difficult time of the pandemic.

In addition to a website with valuable content, we have also created lesson scenarios for teachers, which, depending on the age group, deal in different ways with topics such as: internet safety, jobs of the future or the difficult topic of hate and inappropriate attitudes on the Internet.

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