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Klaudia Pingot is a speaker, psychologist and trainer with many years of experience who combines knowledge from many fields, such as psychology, physics, biology and neurology, and proposes innovative methods of working on yourself. Klaudia runs events and training as well as online courses.

Klaudia needed a website that would allow interested people to learn about the methods of her work and herself and that also be a place where the user will be able to purchase training and courses conducted by her.

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

We have prepared UX projects, the client’s path and, together with Klaudia, we have developed the logic of the website’s operation. We designed the website to create a space where Klaudia would be able to sell her training and courses online.

The challenge was to create this place so that the detailed descriptions of the courses remained legible for the user. In addition, we also designed a course publishing tool to be able to share them with customers who have purchased it. We wanted to show users that Klaudia is active on YouTube, so visitors can see the materials shared on the channel directly on the website.

Our cooperation was certainly helped by the understanding of the project and an individual approach. During the project implementation, the company proposed additional application functionalities that were not planned in the first phase of implementation. It showed us that Kreatik is focused on the customer and his satisfaction, and not on closing another project.
Martyna Morawiec
HR Coordinator, Orbico Group
The company was pleased with the responses to the project which has been generally positive. The company is confident that the project will be effective as the team won a marketing award for its efforts on it specifically. The team’s approach to the topic was interesting.
Alicja Gaca
CEO, Fundacja Głosem Zwierząt
The greatest advantage of Kreatik is the ability to understand the client’s business and the ability to help them in development.
Maciej Hojszyk
Dyrektor ds Marketingu, Eurocash S.A.

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Why are we so good at what we do? Because our team consists of people experienced in work in various industries, with different education and extraordinary passions that we develop after work.
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Head of Delivery
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