campaign for Value Day ’22


Orbico once again asked us for support in creating materials promoting this year’s edition of Value Day. Knowing the client and the concept of the event, we moved to work related to the next edition with great enthusiasm.




About this

Orbico Group is the largest FMCG distributor in Europe – it operates in 20 countries. Orbico’s business area stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

Our task was to create a concept for communication and prepare visual materials for employees on the occasion of Value Day that the company celebrates every year.

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In the beginning, we proposed several thematic concepts within which we would create all communication and visual materials. The theme of travel was selected, which is universal, positive, and, above all, fits well in the Group with branches in so many countries and perfectly develops Orbico’s values. All communication was based on this theme.

First, we created a logo and claim dedicated to the event. Then we designed Key Visual, where we adapted the design of icons assigned to each of the values to the main concept and created illustrations of characters symbolizing travelers. An animated teaser was also created, presenting the nature and theme of this year’s Value Day.

Having the base materials, it was time to design a solution involving employees. A game was created in which a previously designed persona had the task of going through 3 thematic boards, in which the user received points for collecting coins – brand values. Of course, as befits a real adventure, there were also numerous obstacles. The client decided to encourage employees to play even more and organized a competition for the best result. As part of Value Day ’22, we also created a package of materials promoting the campaign, i.e. posters, newsletter, presentations, SM posts, and we took care of the professional preparation of the T-shirt design prepared by the winner of the competition for the best T-shirt design.

Planning and concept development

Proposing several thematic concepts for the event
Selecting the theme of travel
Developing a communication strategy based on the theme

Creative development

Designing a logo and claim for the event
Creating a Key Visual with illustrations of characters symbolizing travelers
Creating an animated teaser to present the nature and theme of the event

Employee engagement

Creating a game in which employees can collect points for collecting coins representing brand values
Organizing a competition for the best result

Promotion and communication

Creating a package of promotional materials, including posters, newsletters, presentations, and SM posts
Preparing the T-shirt design for the winner of the competition for the best T-shirt design


Implementing the event and all communication activities


Measuring the results of the event and identifying areas for improvement

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

How did it go?

Values Game was a huge success. As many as 650 employees logged in and tried their hand at gaining Orbico value in our game. Out of this group, as many as 20 employees scored the maximum number of points, which required a lot of commitment.

Value Day T-shirt competition involved teams from as many as 12 countries to design the official T-shirt of the event, the client received 50 designs.

The whole event met with great interest. Orbico awarded as many as 150 employees with various types of gadgets. And as part of the survey summarizing the event, employees rated this year’s edition very highly.


650 employees involved in the event


12 countries took part in the competition


149 employees awarded

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