Product Discovery


Our task was to realize our client’s idea – a platform for carriers and shippers in the area of car transportation in Europe. The client needed to work out the strategy together, as well as the look and functionality of the platform.




About this

Prilo is a unique solution on the market to manage the transport of cars. The platform connects carriers with companies that are looking for a partner to transport their cars.

Product Discovery

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During the joint workshop, we defined the target group and created an up-to-date customer journey map. We also identified user problems and proposed solutions that we could apply to the platform to avoid them. Our team also prepared a competitive analysis, mainly in terms of solutions and functionality of the competition. Throughout the Product Discovery process, we brainstormed together with the client, which made the process of creating and solving problems easier. The next step was to select the best ideas and transfer them to Miro in the form of sketches, which helped in the final decision-making process.

Product and business goals

Then was event storming to map the platform’s performance. We created user stories, mockups, and later prototypes, on which we conducted usability tests with the target group. The final stage was to create the design system.

In parallel with these processes, we worked on the strategy of the business model using a business model canvas and branding.

The involvement of the client during the Product Discovery process was crucial and allowed us to jointly develop the best solutions and make decisions based on extensive knowledge.

Step 1

Defining the target group
Creating an up-to-date customer journey map
Identifying user problems
Proposing solutions to avoid user problems
Preparing a competitive analysis

Step 2


Step 3

Mapping the platform’s performance
Creating user stories
Creating mockups
Creating prototypes
Conducting usability tests with the target group

Step 4

Creating the design system

Step 5

Developing a business model using a business model canvas
Developing a branding strategy

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

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