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Our task was to propose a digital solution for the paper version of the current HR tool – “THANK YOU CARDS” for the entire Orbico Group. This tool, mainly used by office and warehouse workers, was to expand its target group thanks to the possibility of sending thank you cards electronically. The tool was to be used by Orbico employees from all countries, who speak 18 languages.

It was a big challenge for us to create an application translated into 18 languages ​​and efficiently connecting to the database of employees from all over Europe in order to send thank-you cards.

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

We proposed the client to create an online webapp that consists of three modules.

As part of the first module, the user can choose one of the seven values ​​ that user wants to appreciate in another employee. Each value is shown on a different card. The next module allows to choose one of the three messages (Thank you, Well done !, Bravo!) and fill the card with your own content. The third module allows to send the card directly to any employee from the Orbico Group (up to three people) or save it in the form of a graphic and send it to selected people using any tool. We focused on making the tool an intuitive and easy as it could be. Now in no time they can create a card, send it and reach all employees via e-mail. Additionally, employees with administrative privileges have access to reports about, for example, the number and type of thank you cards.

The design of the application is modern and clear, and at the same time adjusted to the company’s CI,to the “THANK YOU CARDS” logo and to the visualization of group values, each of has its own icon and leading color. The graphic design, due to the character of “THANK YOU CARDS” tool, has a joyful and optimistic character.

Outcomes of our

The application was presented to employees in September 2020. After the first month of launching the application, employees received almost 1500 thank you cards.

sent first month
From the very beginning, clear rules of cooperation, assigning a project manager, open and transparent communication was our success. During the project implementation, the company proposed additional application functionalities that were not planned in the first phase of implementation. It showed us that Kreatik is focused on the customer and his satisfaction, and not on closing another project.
Martyna Morawiec
HR Coordinator, Orbico Group

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Head of Delivery
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Head of UI Design
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Head of UX Design
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