Żabka is the largest chain of small grocery stores operating in Poland on a franchise basis.

The client needed support during the opening of the first Żabka stores in selected cities in Poland. So we dealt with the strategy and implementation of promotional activities. Communication was to be consistent with the communication strategy of Żabka stores, but at the same time be personalized to the city where the stores were opened.


The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

As part of the promotion, we designed graphic materials – KV, posters, leaflets, discount coupons and coffee mug wraps. We also dealt with the production of parts from these materials.

After a series of internal brainstorming sessions, we prepared a coherent communication concept for openings of the first Żabka stores in selected cities in Poland. In order to personalize the message, the materials showed the names of the cities where the opening took place. We not only designed promotional materials but also managed their production.

Outcomes of our

The opening took place in 11 towns. The campaign was positively received by Żabka’s customers.

The client was satisfied with our cooperation, thanks to which we are carrying out further projects for Żabka.

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What I appreciate most is that Maria and her team are so committed to our brand success that they are ready to discuss with us for hours if they don’t agree with something. For them, the most important thing is for our brand to be successful and they are not afraid of hard work to achieve it.
Katarzyna Krzeszowska
Brand Manager, GALICJANKA RP Sp. z o. o

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We devise. We design. We deploy.

Why are we so good at what we do? Because our team consists of people experienced in work in various industries, with different education and extraordinary passions that we develop after work.
Maria Połońska
Agnieszka Mieszała
Project Manager
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UX/UI Designer
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