How to reduce the rate of abandoned carts – strategies used in e-commerce

Almost 70% of e-commerce users abandon their carts before checking out. That’s a lot! Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and learn how to get buyers to come back and encourage them to complete their purchases, which will […]

How to improve user experience with breadcrumbs

When shopping or navigating through an elaborate website, it is not difficult to plunge into the chaos of categories and sub-pages, and as we know: a user lost is a user out! Today we will explain how to easily indicate […]

Frequent e-commerce mistakes in building an online store

After planning a strategy for your e-commerce, comes the moment to implement your ideas and build your e-store. At this stage you need to make some very important decisions – from choosing the right e-commerce platform to the way you […]

Minimize costs, optimize your team’s work and make your website more coherent – learn about Design System and how to use it well!

If you have never heard of Design Systems, you have nothing to worry about and we guarantee you that you are not ignorant. For people who do not design or are not Product Owners, this may be a new concept, […]

UX audit – a way to increase conversions

A UX audit is a process in which specialists evaluate the quality of a user’s experience on a website or mobile application. Their goal is to find problems and errors that hinder the user experience, and to propose solutions that […]

Kreatik talks – Antoni Leśniewski about UX Psychology

This month your questions about UX design were answered by Antek – UX Team Leader. Want to learn about the biggest e-commerce design mistakes, cognitive errors, and psychology in UX? You’ll find it all below! Why are UX and psychology […]

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