[PL] Dlaczego tak? – przepis Piotra Buckiego na viral

Z Piotrem Buckim poznaliśmy się na szkoleniu. Maria, CEO i strateg w Kreatiku, miała okazję ostatnio ponownie spotkać się z Piotrem. O czym mogła rozmawiać prezes agencji digitalowej z autorytetem w dziedzinie komunikacji? Na przykład o tym, dlaczego czasem warto […]

Five useful facts about AMP4Email – what should you know?

Dynamic e-mail messages consist of a range of recipient interactions that can happen already in the e-mail environment. The recipient can view a slideshow, sign up for a newsletter or even make a purchase in an e-mail message. Although Google […]

Action interaction!

We all have probably finished the past year summaries. Now it is time for forecasting. Venngage has presented the report results in the form of an infographic that shows what users will pay attention to in the next year, especially […]

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