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CHIAS is one of the first manufacturers of chia seed drinks in Europe, and the first manufacturer of such drinks in Poland. Apart from chia seeds originating from a farm in the Andes, the drinks contain solely natural ingredients: juice, water, and coconut milk. The drinks are vegan and gluten-free and don’t contain any sugar or artificial preservatives. To present all of the benefits of this product, CHIAS needed a new website – that’s where we stepped in.


Our task was to design a responsive website that would tap CHIAS’ existing corporate identity and, due to the innovative nature of the products, would also fulfill an educational function. We created a minimalist website with a modular layout.

With a large number of beautiful photos, their products are presented in a clear and unobtrusive way – both on the home page as well as in the products section and in the footer. Additionally, we created subtle animations on the website and embedded an automatic Instagram feed.

The site also features a store locator allowing clients to find the nearest store offering CHIAS products.



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