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Web/App Dev

When deciding to create a website or application, it is worth relying on specialists. It is important for us that customers receive solutions that will affect their business in an expected way. We do it thanks to our experience and knowledge in the field of development.

We create and implement websites and web applications. We use tools that are the most effective solution tailored to the individual needs of the project. As experts, we also advise and support clients in this area. We follow technological trends and have the courage to implement them. We also often develop our own technological solutions.

… and we do it through…
Web Development
We build websites and web applications, both those based on CMSs and those created from scratch on the “clean” code.
Custom software development
We deal with the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations.
Software maintenance
We modify the software after its delivery in order to correct errors to improve performance or other properties.
Business process automation
W deal with the automation of complex business processes based on technology. As a result, they simplify business, achieve digital transformation, improve service quality and service delivery, or reduce costs.
IT Consulting
We provide services in the field of information technology applications. It covers the planning and design of IT systems that combine hardware, software and communication technologies, including user training.
Cloud Enterprise
We operate with a set of standards and processes that facilitate building solutions in the cloud, while maintaining security policies
Web apps
We create web applications, i.e. an alternative solution for creating native applications, which are characterized by, among others, offline availability, no need to update, and the possibility of installation on the home screen of the phone.
iOS & Android apps
We create mobile applications dedicated to iOS and Android.



An e-commerce platform is a common sales tool that must be properly designed and implemented in order to fulfill its function. We create sales platforms tailored to the needs of customers for various types of businesses. We provide comprehensive service and e-commerce development for our clients.

We offer an e-commerce platform with a tailored feature set and flexible architecture. We select appropriate technological solutions for supported projects that are easy to manage and functional.

… and we do it through…
We deal with setting complex e-commerce goals that are one of the most important elements of the configuration. This process consists in selecting those user actions that will be evidence of business development.
Custom e-commerce
We deal with e-commerce customization so that the system allows business owners to match the software to their precise requirements, thus enhancing how they present products
Woocommerce & prestashop
We use woocommerce and prestashop platforms. Choosing the right one depends, among others, on the size of the store, its complexity, the need to use many or only a few functions.
We handle data transfer between web platform and the critical components of accounting, inventory, sales, CRM, and marketing.



Designing digital solutions should be treated comprehensively. When developing projects for clients, we focus both on the experiences of target users and the visual development of implemented solutions.

While designing user experiences, we rely on a strategic approach using user interviews, tests on users, and different frameworks. We also take care of the user interface, which focuses on the preparation of target interface projects, resulting in both aesthetically designed and functional projects.

… and we do it through…
UX audit
We check websites and applications in terms of meeting the expectations and needs of their visitors.
User Interface Design
We design interfaces that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also understandable and comfortable for the end user.
User Experience Design
We make sure that the created digital products (such as websites and applications) are not only user-friendly but most importantly that their operation is intuitive.
UX Writing
We create texts and messages that appear in the interface of various digital products, such as websites or mobile applications, having users’ convenience in mind.
Thanks to prototyping we are able to quickly detect and fix existing problems before implementing the product. Additionally, it reveals places to be improved while in the usability testing phase.
Usability Testing
We evaluate the functionality of the projects by testing them on future users.
You don’t need our design & delivery if you know…
You don’t need our design & delivery if you know…
You don’t need our design & delivery if you know…
You don’t need our design & delivery if you know…
  • UX and UI process methodology and frameworks
  • what functionalities need your target audience
  • what digital utilities you can use
  • the available digital technologies very well

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