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Drinco is a mobile app engaging consumers of offline stores using promotions, deals, and discounts. It was originally designed for Eurocash Alkohole – the largest alcohol wholesaler in Poland. An innovative tool supporting small grocery shops and specialized liquor stores in competing with the larger retail chains.

Business problem

As the leading distributor of alcoholic drinks in Poland, Eurocash Alkohole seeks to be a market innovator and support its clients by creating cutting-edge sales activation tools. To achieve this objective, it regularly collects feedback from shop owners and cooperates with them to search for increasingly effective solutions.

Studies conducted by Kreatik for Eurocash Alkohole have shown that the most significant difficulty retailers face is acquiring new customers and the lack of modern communication channels through which they can reach customers with their offer.


Drinco is part of a wider strategy to build modern sales activation tools that we have created for Eurocash Alkohole. The Drinco app offers solutions for both sellers and their customers. For customers, it shows a catalog of the latest deals and coupons. 

Customers can browse available coupons on their mobile devices and go to a store of their choice which they can locate using the map of sale points. To redeem their deal, a customer scans a unique code at the store and buys a product at a discounted price. On the seller’s side, there is a panel where they can choose which coupons and what deals they want to offer in their own stores.




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