We know you are curious about how to effectively implement a digital product, so we decided to write an e-book about MVP, which form of publication is inspired by… an MVP.
In practice, that means we will publish it step by step. Every 2 weeks, we will release another chapter on the website, waiting for feedback from you about how we can enrich our e-book.

See you there!

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Table of Contents
Why have we decided to write this e-book?
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The definition
Pros and cons of MVPs
What will not be an MVP
Alternatives to the MVP
Not just MVP.
When MVP is not the best idea
When does an MVP fail
To remember
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Stop and think
Does the MVP need an MVP?
Additional advice
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How to prioritize (…)
What does the prioritization process consist of?
What is MoSCow and how to use it to find the right minimum?
(…) to make a profit.
A simple equation for how to scale an MVP
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What KPIs are.
Types of KPI
Why do we need KPIs?
Useful metrics when measuring MVP progress.
How to set KPIs? DOs and DON’Ts.
Be like a Pirate! Use AARRR!!!
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“We know our users…” – inadequate product strategy
Prioritization (feature overwhelming)
An over-engineered MVP
Prototyping (Proof of concept)
Lack of analysis
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… in this e-book you will find
Tips on how to prepare for the creation of an MVP
we help you discover the most suitable business model even before the final product is developed
Valuable content about MVP building
we rely on the proven theories as well as on our experience of mvp building
Knowledge about market fit techniques
we test market and customer needs
Grow smart with KPI in mind
measuring and analysing results is one of the most important parts of the MVP. Metrics and ways to get it right.
What to focus on after MVP
we will tell you what to do after the mvp phase
… countless benefits…
  • Gain more knowledge
  • Test your knowledge
  • Keep your motivation high with reminders
  • Discuss with us or ask us a question in the comments
  • Have a real impact on content and form with feedback

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