Folwark Wąsowo

Folwark Wąsowo is an exceptionally beautiful and unique place with over 150 years of history. Currently, it consists of an eco-farm which is a manufacturer of healthy food and a place of rest for family or business gatherings. Folwark’s products are home-grown vegetables and preserves prepared according to traditional recipes. The Folwark team has received numerous awards and certificates for its projects.


Our task was to present the broad and diverse offer of Folwark Wąsowo in such a way as to effectively encourage people to visit this wonderful place. The graphic design needed to be in line with that of the labels of products offered by Folwark.

Our goal was to create a responsive website with clear navigation and modular design showcasing all that Folwark has to offer. Each part of the offer we have created has a separate subpage, designed to showcase its specific features.

We devoted particular attention to the products section, where we have also featured a catalog and an easy to use order form.


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