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We create content and visuals that generate leads. We select the appropriate formats for the channels in accordance with a well-thought-out lead generation path, based on proven sales mechanisms.

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… for whom
Companies wanting to increase their contact base
The database of contacts can be collected thanks to an appropriate lead generation campaign in order to reach specific recipients with a specific message.
Companies focused on growth
Brands that want to grow and achieve a specific sales target or engage the target audience do take action.
Companies with interesting content
Many companies have the potential to create substantive and valuable materials that they can share. Some brands have such content but do not distribute it properly. We help companies use their potential to generate leads.

… when to do lead magnet creation?

A lead generation campaign is effective when a brand has to advertise valuable material that the target group should be interested in. Through free distribution, he can get many leads. Such a base can then be used in the next campaigns.

However, companies do not always know how to use their potential. They are looking for a partner who will help them determine what type of content they should share with a target group and then prepare an attractively visual campaign encouraging others to use the offered material.

… how long?

The average duration of materials for the promotion of a lead magnet campaign depends on the number of platforms. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks.

The scope of work on the project depends on the client’s needs. We are able to prepare a final option for what a valuable lead magnet can be, and then we prepare texts and visuals that will attract the eye and arouse interest among recipients. We create graphics in accordance with the distortion – graphics are always adapted to the specifics of the platform.

… which tools we use?
If needed, we work with the client to create a concept of what type of content should be used for the lead magnet campaign.

Having a specific type of content that will be offered to recipients, we prepare a path of promotional activities with the indication of promotion channels and specific formats.

Knowing the platforms on which the campaign will be promoted, we prepare materials in accordance with the specification. We also match the type of content to the recipient and the specificity of the digital channel that will be used.

… what you
  • concepts tailored to the possibilities
  • a set of graphics adapted to digital channels
  • visuals containing elements focused on collecting leads
  • distribution plan for the prepared content

… to sum up …

Visuals created for the purposes of lead magnet campaigns must meet certain conditions. They cannot be just pretty graphics. You have to remember to keep important elements that will make the user perform a specific reaction. Thanks to our experience, we are able to design materials taking into account the psychological mechanisms of the behavior of digital channel users.

Thanks to in-depth research and consultations with the client, we clarify who is to be the recipient of our communication and who should show interest in our lead magnet. With this knowledge, we design effective content to trigger engagement in recipients.

See what content&growth we did for our clients:

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Cooperation with Kreatik was based on commitment and deep understanding of client’s needs. Efficient communication, professionalism and finding solutions together – that’s the best summary of work on our project. Highly recommended.
Dominika Jeżowska
Eurocash Dystrybucja

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You have a challenge for us?
You have a challenge for us?
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