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Mariański Group

Mariański Group is a group of modern tax and law offices with an offer of various complementary services. Its offer to clients is a partnership that focuses on solving existing problems and predicting future legal consequences of business activities. In their daily activities, the core values for Mariański Group are innovation, personal development, and combining knowledge and theory with actual practice. Working towards the group’s success and increasing reputation is a team of experts in the field of law and accounting, who engage closely in clients’ affairs.


We were asked to design a new responsive website that would retain visual minimalism and elegance while at the same time being able to showcase the extensive offer of the company. In order to present the services offered by Mariański Group in a clear and structured way, we implemented new, easy-to-understand website navigation. The menu contains a three-level structure of subpages which divides services into service category, service subcategory, and finally the specific services.

We also added a knowledge zone tab which is divided into four categories and offers a filtering option. The knowledge zone provides downloadable materials with a form used for collecting prospects’ email addresses.

The website took first place in the Ranking of Law Firms 2018 published by “Rzeczpospolita” – Polish economic and legal journal.


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