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Nowadays, technological changes have spread to virtually every sector of society. Some industries are characterized by dizzying growth rates year after year. Without a doubt, we can single out the health sector, including the MedTech market, which is likely to grow several more times over the next few years.

To give you some idea of the scale we’re talking about, we think it’s worth mentioning the Global Market Insights report, which predicts that by 2026, the telemedicine services market is expected to be worth nearly $180 billion. This growth is expected to largely include the market for mobile applications used for medical treatment, preventive healthcare, and medical management. 

We think it’s worth pointing out at this point that such apps don’t just serve patients. Physicians and professionals with day-to-day responsibility for public health also benefit from them greatly. Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly common tool for such people, which only adds to the value of such endeavors, as a completely different perspective of the perceived usefulness and helpfulness of having such apps is emerging among the public.

Medical applications serve various purposes, have diverse functions and roles, and are used by diverse users. COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated the development of this industry. The world has changed a lot after the impact of the pandemic – nowadays, if we consider the market of Med-Tech applications alone, we can see that they support health, treatment, diagnosis, and prevention and have become an integral part of our everyday use.

They allow for the following, among other things:

  • Health monitoring
  • Diagnosing medical conditions and chronic diseases
  • Providing reminders to take medications, take measurements, and attend appointments or consultations
  • Motivating people to take care of their health
  • Alerting users to risks

In this article, we will try to take a look at some of the most interesting mobile app designs in the industry. The key to choosing them was their position high up in the ranking of mobile applications on the Polish and American markets and a multitude of positive ratings and comments from users. We will try to present the pros and cons of these apps and describe their main functionalities hoping that one of them will catch your attention.

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Moodfit: Mental Health Fitness

First, we would like to introduce an application that was made famous during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app has proved useful to many people. Namely, it helps track moods and provides exercises to help you deal with negative emotions. Moodfit aims to help the user feel better and takes care of their mental health fitness – which we know should be a priority these days. 

The application, with the help of built-in, specialized questionnaires, helps to diagnose and determine increasing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or high-stress levels. It has many articles and audio files available in its library to help prevent symptoms from worsening. It allows you to track your moods, and, over time, the users themselves have a better understanding of what works best for their well-being – for example, sleep, medication, or exercise. The app also offers assistance in identifying a range of well-being improvement strategies.

source: Moodfit

The app encourages you to work on a set of specialized goals, which are daily mental health training and challenges designed to benefit the user and have them work systematically. 

What do we like about this app?

  • The application adapts to the user’s goals
  • It is completely free of charge
  • It allows for tracking daily progress
  • It has daily reminders to keep users up to date
  • It allows for adjusting the user’s needs 
  • It has resources to help the user explore their knowledge about a disease or mood, for example

What don’t we like about this app?

  • There is no possibility of having access to professional help (thus, it allows for possible susceptibility to self-diagnosis)
  • There is no visible progress, which can lead to feelings of frustration

Flo App

This is an app that is mostly known in the female community due to its specificity of use. When taking suggestions from the many comments regarding this app, one can conclude that many women see it as priceless and invaluable, especially at the time their daily routines get busy. What distinguishes this application from others of its kind is its multifunctionality. It is used to monitor the cycle – it has many different functionalities such as a calendar of fertile days, a pregnancy calculator, and, what is important, it also analyzes the current and past cycles, thanks to the tracking option – it allows the women to obtain a lot of important information.

source: Flo

Flo also allows users to monitor their lifestyles. You can enter your weight, sleep duration, or water intake. Importantly, there is also a reminder module built into the app that will not let you forget to take your medications and contraceptives. The app allows you to generate various charts about your cycle and health.

What do we like about this app?

  • It is completely free of charge
  • It keeps a history of your cycle and period duration
  • It has an extensive notification system
  • It is also a personal lifestyle monitor
  • It has simple calculators with detailed instructions

What don’t we like about this app?

  • After the update, it is only available in the English version

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It’s a very simple app for users of all ages – the simplicity of the app’s functionality is literally shocking. Thus, it can also serve the elderly and less technically advanced. It is a free app designed to monitor the user’s health by taking the right medication at the right time. It has a messenger function – it offers medication history tracking, watching for mood changes, keeping a health journal, and monitoring your weight.

source: MyTherapy

We think it is also worth mentioning that the application generates reports, which can be generated in the form of a diary and then printed. The health diary is laid out universally, so you can show it to any doctor you see in the near future. The doctor can better assess the progress of the patient’s (user’s) treatment with this information.

What do we like about this app?

  • It gathers data, analyzes it, and presents it in a user-friendly format
  • The application is free
  • It allows for account pairing, so another user can remind you to take your medication, for example
  • It has a well-developed notification system

What don’t we like about this app?

  • The application’s design is outdated

SkinVision App

Without a doubt, skin cancer is a growing problem these days. More people are diagnosed with it each year than all other cancers combined.

Because skin cancer can occur and grow over time, it is important to monitor your condition regularly and photograph your skin lesions. That’s what the SkinVision app is for. The application uses special algorithms to define skin lesions, which are supervised by a special team of experts in the field of dermatology.

source: SkinVision

In the SkinVision app, you will be able to take a picture of the skin lesion and submit it for verification. Photos are stored in folders to compare a specific change over time. The app responds in a very short period of time and gives user-specific guidance. Users also create accurate body maps – giving the dermatologist insight and information about the exact location of skin lesions on the patient’s body. It is worth mentioning that the app is a registered medical device and has European CE certification.

What do we like about this app?

  • Evaluation of conditions is done by specialists
  • The app includes a lot of material to help you learn about skin lesions
  • The app design is simple and user-friendly
  • The user can expect very quick response from the application regarding a specific change uploaded by the user
  • It is available in Polish and English

What don’t we like about this app?

  • Check-ups are paid


This app is currently making waves in the United States. Users using the app can securely share their medical records from any healthcare organization. You can use the app to connect with your caregiver (doctor – if he also has the app) – he then has access to the entire patient history and information regarding prescribed medications, vaccination history, recent visits, etc.

In addition, the app allows you to link your account to Apple Health, using which the patient’s current health data from personal devices is uploaded directly into the MyChart app.

source: MyChart

Through apps, users literally anywhere on earth can schedule a consultation online. It is also possible to obtain special permission and maintain such an account for people who the user takes care of (a small child, an elderly mom, or a dad). This is to enable the control of individuals who cannot adequately care for their own health.

What do we like about this app?

  • It has a number of very useful functionalities
  • It is designed in a fairly modern way
  • Information is stored securely
  • You can have control over what happens to a member of your family

What don’t we like about this app?

  • It is not as popular in other countries, which results in a smaller range of clinics and specialists offering such help
  • The number of functions may cause you to get a little lost in this application at first

Pregnancy + | Tracker App

This app is dedicated to pregnant women, and it app features expert advice, topical articles, health tips, and interactive 3D models that allow users to track their baby’s development week after week. It has a number of interesting and useful features for mothers-to-be, such as a pregnancy calendar to schedule and document prenatal visits, a weight log to document weight during pregnancy, and available tools to make the pregnancy period easier and more enjoyable for the mother-to-be. 

source: Pregnancy+

It is also worth mentioning that there is a lot of useful information for users in the app, such as pregnancy transition guides – they are available in the form of various articles and specially dedicated materials. They help to understand what is going on in the mother’s body during this time and, for example, how specific foods affect her baby’s development. Great 3D fetal models also allow for more accurate visualization of the entire process.

What do we like about this app?

  • Great design and the graphic layer of the application
  • It is clear
  • It is multifunctional – it has many useful functions for the user
  • It is absolutely free

What don’t we like about this app?

  • No comments

Znany Lekarz App

This application has made its way into the Polish market of digital services. Currently, it is ranked first in the dedicated applications list – a medical category in Poland. Using this service, users can easily make an appointment with any specialist. The app features more than 120,000 verified and active gynecologists, nutritionists, dentists, cardiologists, traumatologists, ophthalmologists, psychologists, or physiotherapists. 

source: Znany Lekarz

A big benefit of having this app is the number of actively rating users. Users themselves make the app take on great value. Access to the comments of people sharing their experiences goes a long way in making a final decision about contacting a particular professional. Users can also schedule a video consultation and chat online with their specialists.

What do we like about this app?

  • Great design and the graphic layer of the application
  • It is clear
  • It is multifunctional, yet users have no problem navigating the app
  • It is simple to use

What don’t we like about this app?

  • There is no possibility of selecting a language other than Polish

Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs

The application conveniently presents information about the glycemic index value of various products and their carbohydrate content, as well as a list of glycemic loads of products. It also allows you to keep a log of your weight, blood glucose levels, and blood pressure – extremely useful for people struggling with today’s lifestyle disease – diabetes. It is also useful in fighting obesity and preventing heart disease.

source: Glycemic Index Load Net Carbs

What is also important is the fact that the app supports Apple Health, which helps you sync your measurements with electronic scales, glucometers, and blood pressure monitors. The app has only a fraction of the features available in the free range of services; the vast majority of conveniences such as remembering the foods you’ve eaten and your consumption statistics with beautiful graphs and exporting all your data to/from the cloud.

What do we like about this app?

  • It has a number of very useful facilities allowing you to control your health in its range of functions
  • Users describe it as a clear and quite transparent app

What don’t we like about this app?

  • A large number of functions is offered only in the paid version
  • It has a large number of advertisements


Today’s Med-Tech applications are largely focused on a holistic approach, based on obtaining more and more data from different application derivatives, which is a broad perspective benefits the users by allowing them to gain better control over the course of the disease or the treatment process.

This is due to the fact that nowadays, a simple app to measure daily steps can provide us with a lot of information about our health and lifestyle. It’s important to remember that apps don’t replace specialists – they are simply, in the right hands, a great tool that we can use and gain tangible benefits from. The industry will continue to grow due to the increasing number of chronically ill people, the rise of lifestyle diseases, the lengthening life expectancy, the relative cheapness of mobile apps, and the ability to leverage their synergistic potential.

The benefits of using medical apps include:

  • Convenience
  • A strong sense of security, being taken care of
  • A sense of control over the treatment process
  • Virtually no costs, lower costs if anything
  • Much greater involvement of patients in the process of, e.g., treatment – this is combined with increasing social awareness

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Maciej Marczak

UX Designer

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