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The expansion of SaaS solutions cannot be ignored. Every day, multitudes of users sit down to use programs that only exist in the 'cloud'. Undeniably, the principles of pandemic time have created new human needs to which SaaS solutions have quickly responded. It is not surprising that SaaS solutions are so quickly adopted by users. They are easy to buy and use immediately, allowing better team collaboration and no need to deal with data storage or maintain your own servers. 
It sounds like a paradise for anyone who wants to create their own solution, but where competition is fierce it is worthwhile to be well prepared. Read on to find selected knowledge on strategies, tactics, and best practices as well as case studies. 



What actually is a SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software distribution model in which a third-party vendor creates and maintains software and makes it available to customers over the Internet. SaaS customers are most often companies, not only the end users of the applications Google products are a good example. In addition to using Google Docs and Google Drive by millions of users every day, almost all companies track the activity of their users with Google Analytics

B2B SaaS

These are companies that provide software (applications, extensions, add-ons) to other companies as a service. The products offered help to automate operations by improving efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring reduced spending on human resources. The most commonly used SasS are used to optimize sales, marketing, and customer service. They have an impact on increasing the efficiency eg. of the store to help generate more revenue.



Top 10 B2B SaaS companies in the world




As mentioned SaaS solutions are also an important element in B2B business services. It is not surprising that each year more and more solutions of this type are being developed, often remaining the focus of investor interest. Learn about 36 B2B startups and have a glance at what they do and how their growth is shaped over the last months or years.

10 hottest startups of 2022

Check out a list of top 10 SaaS startups in 2022 by Wade Tyler Millward that made it to the CRN ranking.

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"With the country facing an uncertain economy and signs of an impending recession, many SaaS startups lean on cost savings as a marketing message to potential customers."

Wade Tyler Millward

b2b saas startups

In this article, you can find out about some of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in 2022.

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“Our list of 36 B2B SaaS startups contains companies that take on a wide range of roles: including marketing, sales, accounting, and HR.”

Josh Howarth

building saas

In the age of rapid development of cloud solutions, the emergence of a large number of completely new solutions comes as no surprise to anyone. There are probably many services still not digitized as SaaS yet, so building a new solution appears on the horizon as quite feasible.


Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud End-User Spending to Reach Nearly $500 Billion in 2022

Read forecasts from Gartner! “SaaS remains the largest public cloud services market segment.”

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"Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 20.4% in 2022 to total $494.7 billion, up from $410.9 billion in 2021, according to the latest forecast from Gartner, Inc. In 2023, end-user spending is expected to reach nearly $600 billion."

Meghan Rimol

SaaS Business Model: A Beginner Tech Entrepreneur’s Guide for 2022

This article written by Arshpreet Kaur is a compendium of everything about building a Saas business model, why it matters, and how to implement it.

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"SaaS business model will ensure your business keeps running, makes a profit, and sustains any challenge."

Arshpreet Kaur

The SaaS business model & metrics: Understand the key drivers for success.

the saas business model and metrics

saas growth

In the fast-paced environment of SaaS solutions, it's important to not fall out of track so keep an eye on techniques and strategies that help boost growth.


Saas marketing strategies

In this article Richard Roscoe gives 17 proven marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

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"With such a competitive marketplace, SaaS marketing needs to be using best practices, and today that involves a more scientific approach than ever before. Marketing must be measured, tested, and optimized, this is known as growth marketing."

Richard Roscoe


AARRR Framework. The Definitive Guide to Pirate Metrics.

Read about worth checking, the most popular framework AARRR, used for start-ups, and the SaaS model. Pssst... it is also called Pirate Framework.

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"This will give you a clear insight into which parts of the customer life cycle are performing well and where you have the potential to improve your conversion funnel."

Design With Value



Read our newsletter Product Led Growth written by our CSO Monika Konarzewska and learn more about the benefits, companies that use it, and possible controversies.

Monika Konarzewska

Monika Konarzewska

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"In order to successfully apply the PLG strategy, certain conditions must be met. A product should not only meet the users' expectations, solve some of their problems, or satisfy their needs. This is what every existing product on the market should do. The SaaS created with PLG in mind stands out from the rest thanks to several unique features."


The Ultimate B2B SaaS Marketing Guide

Have a look at an article with a compilation of different credible resources to use for your marketing strategy.

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"Demand generation is the core of the B2B SaaS growth strategy. While the channel focus may change from company to company, channels don’t change..."

Emir Atli


my saas growth thesis

Yassir Haouati uncovers his growth systems thesis.

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"Growth systems> growth hacks. Growth hacks are designed for fast, low-cost user acquisition. Growth systems focus on long-term marketing strategies. Doopoll grew MRR by 800% over 6 months with a growth system using pain point SEO."

Yassir Haouati

saas trends

SaaS and cloud solutions are changing the software landscape in homes and businesses. Awareness of the latest trends and knowledge from industry experts and influencers will certainly broaden your horizons.

Micro SaaS ideas and trends

Wide explanation of what micro SaaS is and how to build it. Here you’ll also find some trends and ideas.

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"Almost all the best Micro-SaaS and SaaS products come from solving problems"

Nathalie Kim

Trends Transforming The SaaS Industry Outlook In 2023

LINCHPIN Team uncovers upcoming trends in 2023 that affect the SaaS industry and market.

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“SaaS Stats and Growth Projections in 2023 The variety of changes in the SaaS as a service industry can be seen in quite a large variety of statistics. While growth within the niche is something that many people will expect, where and by how much it does so can be surprising.”

Team Linchpin

case studies

canva – one of the fastest growing SaaS companies

Here you can find some statistics and thoughts about Canva, its rapid growth, and know why we think it has happened.

Joanna Tulińska-Ładomirska

Paulina Figlewicz

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"Canva’s biggest advantage is that the platform is extremely simple and intuitive for users."


As mentioned in the title, see our favorite SaaS apps, and find out why we think so.

Joanna Tulińska-Ładomirska

Maciej Marczak

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"Few basic examples of SaaS services and as you can see they have a bright future ahead. This segment is undoubtedly growing at a prodigious pace."


Top 30 SaaS Influencers to Follow in 2022

Niyathi Rao has chosen 30 profiles of SaaS experts and influencers worth following in 2022.

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"These influencers have stood out in the SaaS space, and following them will help you know the best strategies to enhance your SaaS career. Make use of key insights from leaders, companies, and communities Engineer your SaaS marketing strategy based on their expertise"

Niyathi Rao

Luke Szyrmer

Luke Szyrmer

Product Manager at GetResponse - a podcaster, the author of 2 books “Launch tomorrow” and “Managing remote teams”.

Luke, I am extremely pleased that you accepted my invitation. Please introduce yourself a bit more.

Of course, I work in GetResponse where I am responsible for the back-end functionalities of products. Besides, I spent a lot of time in London, where I worked for a financial technology company. The two main topics I deal with are landing page MVPs and managing a team working remotely in my writing.

Let’s start with the Gartner prediction. They claim that by 2026 public cloud spending will exceed 45% of all enterprise IT spending, up from less than 17% in 2021. What is your view on this forecast?

I like the statement that the best way to predict the future is to create it. In my opinion, cloud spending is related to running a business, e.g., variable costs or product development, not the technology itself. I think that cloud spending is just playing out longer-term secular trends that have existed in tech like Metcalfe’s Law, Moore’s Law, etc. where it’s easier to have everything centralized but also available network resources for people. It sounds plausible.

20 years ago many SaaS products were innovative solutions. Today, user adoption of digital solutions is almost immediate. Everyone expects all apps to be useful, beautiful, easy, and quick! How do you find Saas products changed over the years? What advantages have SaaS solutions over-hosted traditionally?

I could say from GetResponse’s perspective. It was initially founded in 1998. At that time, the term SaaS did not yet exist. I think technology is changing rapidly, but users are interacting with software faster and more efficiently than they used to. What else has changed? The understanding of software, which is now more than just a presentation on a website, was typical in the 1990s. Most of all, however, users have changed, as they have begun to use the software in different ways or with different devices.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based method that delivers software products to customers. The products offered help to automate operations by improving efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring reduced spending on human resources.


You can apply 6 steps to start building a SaaS application, such as planning, discovery phase, application design, architecture design, development & testing, and maintenance.


Companies that are selling their products (apps, extensions) to other companies are using the B2B SaaS model. 


When it comes to SaaS Growth, it's important to determine the stage your SaaS is currently at and calculate what is needed to increase the growth rate.


Awareness of the latest trends and knowledge from industry experts and influencers will certainly broaden your horizons when it comes to SaaS.
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