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#5 NEWSLETTER MED-TECH IS A PART OF OUR WORD! MedTech is an extremely broad term, including basically all technological creations that can be used to save lives, and prevent, or treat a variety of conditions. These creations may not be directly related to each other such as bionic prosthetic limbs vs. pregnancy tests, while all of these technologies have one common purpose - which is to improve the quality of treatment and diagnosis in order to raise the level of care for patients (all of us) as much as possible. Recently, the growing part of the Med-Tech industry is Digital Health, through which we as Kreatik, a company that supports digital transformation, cannot pass by. 
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#3 NEWSLETTER WHY WE NEED TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION? We've been seeing a shift in the learning paradigm for some time, and the pandemic has accelerated these changes. Nevertheless, the educational crisis and doubts about traditional methods have lasted for years. Technology is changing education and the way we consume knowledge. In this newsletter, we will follow the trends and psychological aspects of online education. The modern approach to designing an online education doesn’t focus only on technologies like VR or AI but tries to combine them with networking (community) and neuropsychological frameworks affecting user behaviors. Let’s learn how to learn :)
#2 NEWSLETTER EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD - THING ABOUT MARKETPLACES The idea of a marketplace is as old as the world, and trade has existed in communities for many thousands of years. Nowadays we are witnessing changes that are taking place thanks to the development of technology in this field. One thing is certain, for a market to exist there must be two parties willing to participate in the process - the buyer and the seller and the PLACE to bring them together. This is where it all begins.
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