Maria Połońska
Maria Połońska
Superpower: Bi-location

Travelling between Poznań and Warsaw, with her
thoughts drifting away to distant Japan. Prowls
through the office, hardly making a sound.
You’ll never know when you might find
her peeking over your shoulder, just
out of “curiosity.”

Maria Połońska
Dawid Bartodziej
Dawid Bartodziej
Head of Delivery
Superpower: Time travel

Sometimes he goes back in time to fix several things, at
the same time keeping up with the present (that’s
why he always looks tired). Cinephile, proud
owner of an all-you-can-watch cinema pass.
At Kreatik, 
he stands guard over
well-made projects and
delivering them
on time. 

Dawid Bartodziej
Dajana Bieganowska
Dajana Bieganowska
UX Designer
Superpower: Manipulation of elements

You can talk to her about cognitive science, as well
as UX Design. Thinking about how much she would
love to own a pet, currently, she finds
satisfaction in collecting snails after
the rain. Sometimes she plays the
guitar – that is, whenever her
bangs don’t cover the
guitar frets.

Dajana Bieganowska
Monika Burakowska
Monika Burakowska
Graphic/UX Designer
Superpower: Understands animal language

Thanks to her, we know what Kreator really
thinks about us. She channels her endless
amounts of creativity into life as our
Graphic Designer and

Monika Burakowska
Jegor Chomczuk
Jegor Chomczuk
Project Manager
Superpower: Reincarnation

Speaks fluently in several languages, so it’s possible
that he’s been a dictionary in a past life.
During breaks from work, when normal
people would grab a coffee, he hops
on his bike and rides it
around the

Jegor Chomczuk
Natalia Ginter
Natalia Ginter
Head of People
Superpower: Telepathy

We treat Natalia as our keeper of office secrets – she
always seems to find the time to talk. No wonder
then, that after such a dose of secrets, she
tends to go into “vagrant” mode and
venture off alone to
“the world’s end.”

Natalia Ginter
Karolina Ignaszak
Karolina Ignaszak
Graphic Designer
Superpower: Mind control

There’s nothing that Karolina can’t build from cardboard.
Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself – a castle
or a convertible car, she’s made it all from
corrugated cardboard. When she’s not
pursuing her passion for constructing,
Karolina is also an avid baker of
ugly (it’s fine, she knows)
but delicious

Karolina Ignaszak
Mateusz Iwiński
Mateusz Iwiński
New Business Manager
Superpower: Hypnosis

His hair turned gray after his first week of work,
but he wants everyone to believe that he’s
Geralt of Rivia. All we know is that he
can hypnotize people, and is not
afraid of new quests (especially
given that sometimes
he carries a sword).

Mateusz Iwiński
Piotr Kliks
Piotr Kliks
Web Developer
Superpower: Invisibility

Piotr is like a ghost – everyone can see his work,
but it’s really hard to stumble across him at
the office. Some say he’s a bot trapped
inside a human body. But if so,
who taught him to bake
such delicious

Piotr Kliks
Joanna Kluczka
Joanna Kluczka
Graphic Designer
Superpower: Longevity

No one remembers when she started working at Kreatik.
As a Graphic Designer, she can create designs with her
eyes closed, and they still look great. After work, she
does woodcarving – fortunately, she says no
one gets hurt. Is that really true,

Joanna Kluczka
Aleksandra Kuźmicka
Aleksandra Kuźmicka
Motion Designer
Superpower: Levitation

You’ll recognize Ola by her unique socks and ginger
Mio-Mio mate, her face hidden behind large,
hot-green headphones. With the agility of a
mountain climber, she moves swiftly
between graphics and animation. We
always follow the outcomes of these
journeys at great heights with
bated breath!

Aleksandra Kuźmicka
Agnieszka Mieszała
Agnieszka Mieszała
Project Manager
Superpower: Unlimited patience

Editing experience combined with the precision
of a pastry chef ensures that all of our folders,
printed materials, and catalogs are baked
to perfection. In her spare time, she
loves reading crime

Agnieszka Mieszała
Jagoda Niedbalska
Jagoda Niedbalska
Office Manager
Superpower: Precognition

Like an agent for special tasks, she deals with topics that
nobody remembers on a daily basis, but if forgotten
would bring in chaos, paralysis and devastation.
Broken printer, invoice issue, catering order,
anti-virus installation … Jagoda works quickly,
quietly and effectively. In her free time she
relaxes with the camera in the
bossom of

Jagoda Niedbalska
Karolina Nowicka
Karolina Nowicka
Project Manager
Superpower: Clairvoyance

Sometimes she mistakes Thursday for Friday. Always
the one with a good come back. As the youngest
member of our team, Karolina infects us
with her youthful enthusiasm
and is always a source of
all kinds of technological

Karolina Nowicka
Aleksandra Wróbel
Aleksandra Wróbel
Project Manager
Superpower: Echolocation

Mad about sport, she spent half of her life in the sports
hall, playing handball! She doesn’t tolerate laziness, she
always runs somewhere, in a moment switches
to a bicycle, so then she can jump into the
rollerblades. Ola is very irrepressible
and loud – when she sneezes, people
from the block of flats next
door shout:
“bless you!”.

Aleksandra Wróbel
Marta Rzymkowska
Marta Rzymkowska
Content Manager
Superpower: Mind reading

She loves everything about Latin culture…
except for music. After a few years in
Brazil and Spain, she choose Wilda.
Love for old tenement houses and
high ceilings had to win, so in
Kreatik she feels like a fish
in water, working as a
Content Manager.


Marta Rzymkowska
Krzysztof Szymkowiak
Krzysztof Szymkowiak
Project Manager
Superpower: Expert on the stars

Just don’t call him Krzysiek. Seriously, it’s a bad idea.
Krzysztof collects good memes, he rhymes,
and in moments of doubt he writes haiku.
Unusual? Well… let us add, that he
writes his master’s thesis about 
cosmic law. In Kreatik, he cares
for every detail of the projects.


Krzysztof Szymkowiak
Magdalena Węcłaś
Magdalena Węcłaś
Social Media Specialist
Superpower: Absolute hearing

She can not imagine a day without music, and a month
without a concert. If she had won a million, she
would probably buy tickets to all the music
festivals in the world. When her throat is
already sore, she explores the psychological
knowledge gained during her studies and
tries to understand the secrets of the
human psyche. Knowledge of people
also helps her to prepare social
content, always
on point.

Magdalena Węcłaś
Maciej Krzywda
Maciej Krzywda
Graphic Designer
Superpower: Travel at the speed of light

He always aims high, not only when it comes to creating
graphics, but also reachins mountain summits. In
Kreatik, he is focused his on work, but after
hours he can not sit in one spot. When
the weekend arrives, he’s cycling at
the speed of light, discovering
new routes. Always packed.
He only waits for a
signal to move into
the wild.


Maciej Krzywda
Office Pet
Superpower: Bestowing power

Lurks in the kitchen, watching who doesn’t
put their dishes in the dishwasher.
No need to take him
for a walk.

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