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PingWin is a mobile app designed for clients of Eurocash Alkohole. Using the app, employees of grocery stores and specialist liquor stores can learn more about customer service and the alcohols they sell. The app offers short lessons and fun quizzes about work-related topics.

Business problem

Eurocash Alkohole helps its clients compete on the market by providing them with innovative sales activation tools. During regularly conducted research with the clients, we discovered that the problem for shop owners is that the store employees do not always have expert knowledge about products they sell. This causes missed profits as employees have difficulties handling more demanding customers and selling high-end stock.


The PingWin app is intended for store employees. It features short video lessons and quick quizzes, more like a fun game rather than work training. Users can earn badges, create their teams, and compete against other stores.

The primary aim of PingWin is, however, education – sellers will find lots of useful information and interesting facts from the world of alcoholic drinks. Thanks to its accessible form, store employees can develop their knowledge during work. The PingWin app constitutes one element of a comprehensive strategy to build modern sales activation tools that we have been developing for Eurocash Alkohole.



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