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We are not afraid of bold approaches, which often result in innovative solutions. For businesses facing a challenge, we are creating a process that will define the problems and we lead teams to find new methods, products and business models. We help both small startups to clarify their value proposition and operating model, as well as large international corporations in digital transformation.

It is common for businesses to struggle with the lack of frameworks appropriate for the specifics of their industry or the tasks they set. We focus on analyzing the situation and proposing such strategies, tools or methods that will meet the needs of not only our clients but, above all, their customers and their markets.

… and we do it through…
Design Thinking
We conduct workshops in the design thinking methodology. We work in an interdisciplinary team in which we develop strategies and solutions during the project work process.
Service Design
In order to evaluate the product, we test it on future users. This gives direct information on how users use the system.
Trend analysis
We collect information related to the current trends and detect a pattern in order to offer the client the most effective solution.
Startups mentoring
We support startups in the process of creating their businesses. We help to find the strengths of the concept, but we also inform about the weaker ones. We check risks, opportunities and threats.

Product Strategy

The process of creating a product strategy is an iterative sequence of tasks aiming to reduce uncertainty around a problem or idea to ensure that the product is designed for the right audience and solves the right business problem.

We build an understanding of the problem and the user needs among all stakeholders. We talk to users and we try to understand their pains. Only then we design dedicated solutions and interfaces. We help define a business model that will allow for the commercialization of the created product.

… and we do it through…
User research
We research users with a focus on understanding their behavior, needs and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.
Market & benchmark analysis
We perform a professional analysis of the client’s market and check existing solutions that can support his business.
We implement the process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas while creating a project in order to be able to improve it.
From the pool of ideas or possible business models generated during the workshops, we choose the most valuable and feasible ones. We get rid of the cruft so we can focus on the winners.
Idea Validation
We deal with the process of testing and validating a product or business idea in order to maximize its success during the market launch.
Product Roadmap
We define a detailed schedule of product releases and a plan of activities aimed at introducing the product to the market.
Minimum Viable Product
We create a working product with the minimum of functionality that allows to test if the idea is viable.
Business Model Canvas
We deal with strategic management and a business model startup template. We describe the product value position, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

Communication and Brand Strategy

Users don’t buy products, they buy stories. We will help you tell yours. Together, we will create a brand, define its essence and then plan a roadmap of communication activities to ensure the success of your product.

We will define communication goals and target groups. We will propose channels, messages and communication frequency to meet the defined KPIs. We will prepare key visual and brandbook of your brand, produce content including video and execute the plan.

… and we do it through…
Value Proposition
We prepare a set of benefits that meet the needs of customers through an offer that can be a combination of goods, services, information and experiences.
Concept Design
We translate the concepts proposed as part of the prepared strategy into visual projects.
Brand Archetype
By working on communication, we help to give the brand a human form using the brand archetype framework. The deeply entrenched belief of brand’s true nature will determine the further direction of communication.
Positioning (Bullseye)
We provide context to better understand the brand’s position in the market. We define brand mantra, points-of-parity, points-of-difference, substantiators and brand values, personality and character.
You don’t need our strategies if you know…
You don’t need our strategies if you know…
You don’t need our strategies if you know…
You don’t need our strategies if you know…
  • who is your target audience
  • what your target audience needs
  • how to reach them
  • how to communicate to them

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