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Take a selfie contest

Cooperation with influencers and video marketing are trends that currently rule the world of marketing. That’s is why we were really happy with the proposal of collaborating with LilyChannel, a popular youtuber. More than 30 thousand subscriptions on YouTube, 8.5 thousand fans on Facebook and 5 thousand followers on Instagram – these numbers were surely impressive!

Dominika is a very charismatic and creative girl who is known for hair and make-up styling, computer graphics, and photography. She talks about these topics in her videos. Dominika wanted to organise a contest for her fans which would allow her to learn their preferences regarding cosmetics and improve contact with them.

The task

The work on this project started from developing a contest mechanism. The task was to submit a creative selfie taken during doing make-up. The prize was a set of valuable and trendy cosmetics selected by LilyChannel. For this campaign, we decided to choose Social Media advertising – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. We drove users to a dedicated landing page developed by us that encouraged users to complete the contest task. The contest was targeted mainly at young women, so the graphic design was very lively, with pink colours and components relating to make-up being dominant.

In order to take part in the contest, each participant had to fill out a contest form with a short questionnaire that contained questions regarding purchase of make-up products or favourite brands of cosmetics. We took care of legal issues connected to organising such a contest and handling user data. Thanks to this, we created a mailing database with detailed preferences of women interested in the beauty industry.


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