68,83% of carts
in online stores are abandoned.

Why? Check if you are using the right solutions.


Why should you conduct
a UX Audit with us?

Find out what mistakes you’re making

We will help you identify and classify potential problems and indicate the weakest points of the project that may cause financial losses.

Know the technical condition

You will receive information about the technical condition of your website and we will show you potential threats (including system threats to the website).

Receive a comprehensive report

After the analysis, we will prepare a clear report indicating the appropriate areas of optimization and recommendations, as well as current trends and good practices used not only by direct competitors. If you want to make money, you have to stay up to date.


Ask us burning questions

We will conduct a workshop during which we will present you the most important conclusions from the audit and answer all your questions.  

Receive a change budget

If you decide to implement the recommendations indicated in the audit with us, we will prepare a detailed budget for changes and a work schedule.

Improve the results

Thanks to the implementation of the recommended changes, you will improve your efficiency. Depending on your business goal – you will increase conversions, website traffic, reduce the number of rejected baskets, and gain valuable leads.

3 variants of UX audits

Do you want to increase efficiency? Choose the option that suits you.

What do you gain?

First of all, you will get to know all the errors and problematic issues regarding the website, and then you will receive recommended solutions worth implementing to solve those problems. All this will be presented in a clear report.

What does the audit cover?
  • A holistic review of the website illustrating its effectiveness for various shopping paths and providing material enabling a broader understanding of how the end-user functions within the website 
  • Identification of areas blocking business potential
  • A list of recommended improvements, i.e. how to optimize the usability and effectiveness of the website
What can be audited?
  • E-commerce
  • Websites and Internet services
  • Web and native applications

Price 7 500 PLN*
4-7 working days
At this price, we will examine 5 subpages/views. Need more? Write to us.
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What do you gain?

You will get a holistic analysis of your website including in-depth research on the effectiveness of your digital product. You will receive a report, the results of which we will discuss together during the workshop.

What does the audit cover?
  • Basic variant
  • A detailed market context that allows you to revise the strategy of building brand distinguishing features
  • Identification of weak points of the conversion funnel – along with recommendations for improvements
  • Recommendations in the area of building customer loyalty – loyalty system, data, and order management.
What can be audited?
  • E-commerce
  • Websites and Internet services
  • Web and native applications

Price 12 500 PLN*
1-2 weeks
* At this price, we will examine 8 subpages/views. Need more? Write to us.
What do you gain?

We will adjust the scope of the audit to your individual needs. You will receive a tailor-made UX audit based on the life cycle of your digital product and the needs and problems of the recipient group.

What does the audit cover?
  • Creation of personas and analysis of website effectiveness in terms of specific needs and user behavior
  • Designing UX/UI solutions focused on user needs and business benefits
  • Recommendations of actions maximizing the overall consumer experience with the brand (also extending beyond the area of the website)
What can be audited?
  • E-commerce
  • Websites and Internet services
  • Web and native applications

Price: to be determined after a precise scope definition.
Delivery time to be determined after precise definition of the scope of work
* The final cost of the variant depends on the number and complexity of the views analyzed.

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    UX audit is a great start on the path to improving the usability of your product. Thanks to it, you will start increasing your sales.

    Your project does not fit into any variant? Let us know and we will prepare an individual quote for you.

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    How is the UX audit process in Kreatik?

    Find out the basic steps.

    UX audit in Kreatik

    The process consists of three stages:

    Before we begin the UX audit, we will meet with you to get as much information as possible about your product and business goals. We will want to learn about your current challenges, user feedback or, plans for the digital product.
    The information gained at the meeting, will allow us to determine the direction and scope of work, and focus on the most important issues for you.

    After the debriefing meeting, we will start the audit. We will analyze your product in terms of usability and functionality. Individually selected methods and tools will allow us to deeply go through all product paths in search of errors and areas for improvement.

    In the last stage, we will provide you with a detailed report with the audit results and recommendations and their prioritization. We will discuss it at a workshop meeting, where we will dispel any doubts and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to implement the recommended changes with us, we will additionally prepare a detailed budget and work schedule. Finally, you will be able to earn even more!

    Examples of our
    UX audits

    See what projects we have already done for our clients

    See our portfolio with UX audits

    Discover the projects we have helped our clients with

    Check out feedback from our clients

    See what the clients we work with say about us

    We’re really happy with Kreatik’s cooperation! They offer high-end quality of their design and animation projects, and are always delivering on time, even under big time pressure! We were looking for a Creative Agency capable of delivering creative concepts and big ideas from scratch, and Kreatik definitely presents that mix of strategy, creative conception and timely execution!
    Natalia Biel
    Vice Director of Marketing, GetResponse
    From the very beginning, clear rules of cooperation, assigning a project manager, open and transparent communication was our success. During the project implementation, the company proposed additional application functionalities that were not planned in the first phase of implementation. It showed us that Kreatik is focused on the customer and his satisfaction, and not on closing another project.
    Martyna Morawiec
    HR Coordinator, Orbico Group
    Cooperation with Kreatik was based on full engagement and a deep understanding of client’s needs. Efficient communication, professionalism and reaching solutions together – that’s the best summary of our project. Much recommended.
    Dominika Jeżowska
    Sales Manager, Eurocash Distribution
    We were really confident in Kreatik’s abilities and experience in the industry. During our cooperation on the new website, we consulted the team on UX solutions and tools and we could always count on professional support.
    Filip Łubisz
    Head of Marketing, Tree Development

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