What to do to make a splash? Five features of a good viral.

Viral – it would seem that preparing a short video spot that will flood the Internet is not the hardest thing to do. Well-conducted brainstorming, creative concept, brilliant subcontractor, charismatic actors, surprising animations, and there you go! We’ve got it. A viral with a great potential, one that will flood the Internet with its brilliance, will be appreciated by the industry and, what is most important, attract new customers and keep the existing ones. Doesn’t it sound beautiful?

However, life reminds us about its brutality wherever we go. Here, the saying “it’s too good to be true” by an unknown author seems to fit perfectly. Unfortunately, reality is completely different and I must disappoint you – there is no recipe for an effective viral video. If there was, everyone would create virals just like that. However, they would no longer be so outstanding – they would just become a standard.

I have gathered five features that, in my opinion, characterise a good viral video. Naturally, viral videos with all these features at once are very rare. My choice of the features is completely subjective, while the order is totally random.


Wikipedia says that an emotion is a state of significant mental arousal. It is no secret that not only viral spots, but also various kinds of commercials, by provoking our emotions, use weapons of the highest calibre. Even mourning your loved ones.

Check out the example:



Internet users expect something new. Something that will surprise them, amaze, and make them want to share it with their friends. Commercials that show us how much whiter your linen can be after washing are rather irritating than interesting. Ideas that will break the pattern are of key importance. If your viral is inspired by a different one and, what is even worst, it is noticeable – do not expect a spectacular success.


A funny video can do wonders. If there is something that will make the user laugh or improve their mood at least temporarily – it will be a success. The Internet is full of videos that makes us fall about laughing and we are willing to share them with others. A viral spot must be like that.

Strong persona

Create a persona you will present in your spot and your audience will want to become. But they will become that persona only if they will have your products. A brilliant example is the main character of the Old Spice commercial played by Isaiah Mustafa. A man who is fit, handsome, and desired by women uses Old Spice. And is sitting on a horse. The spectacular success of the Old Spice advertising campaign is not just one spot, but the whole series featuring Isaiah Mustafa. The recipients got used to his image and associate his character with the Old Spice brand.

A reminder!


Brand invisibility

If, at the very beginning of your video, it is clear that there is a brand behind all of this – you might have a problem, as the recipient will quickly stop the video. They will just treat it like another, regular commercial. The trick is to make a splash and arouse interest and then subtly inform the user by showing our logo at the very end. Sometimes brands prepare a video without “signing” it whatsoever. It brings an even better effect. Do you remember the famous “First Kiss” viral? Probably many of us stumbled upon it on the Internet. It was quite a surprise when it turned out that it was created by the Wren fashion label.

There is no mention about it in the video – see for yourself.


In theory, it looks quite good. However, as it turns out, creating a viral that will make a splash is a real challenge. It requires a brilliant idea that will appeal to our target group or even go beyond it and make our brand even more popular. One of the above features is enough if it is really evident. Then, your video will succeed.



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