Action interaction!

We all have probably finished the past year summaries. Now it is time for forecasting. Venngage has presented the report results in the form of an infographic that shows what users will pay attention to in the next year, especially when it comes to websites

Prepare a scenario

How to face this challenge effectively? Before you ask a professional agency to propose a solution that will engage users in an innovative way, carry out an accurate study of their needs and interests. Providing such knowledge to the agency, you considerably increase the chances that the proposed solutions will be effective. It is you who knows your customers best!


Keeping up with technological innovations is especially important for the owners of online stores, e.g. clothes stores. Increasingly more of them are thinking about introducing the option of trying clothes on virtually by the consumer. All to satisfy the customer needs and ensure their comfort when choosing a product. Some time ago, interior design companies, such as IKEA, introduced on their websites the feature of uploading a picture of a room to match the furniture. In 2019, the AR technology will flood the salons. Personalised user approach is a standard. The customer and their needs must be at the centre of our focus.


According to Google, buying a dress or a weekend at spa lasts only a few seconds today. The buying path that the consumer needs to complete must be intuitive and as short as possible. The smaller threshold to take, the higher the chance that the consumer will make a fast decision and finalise the purchase.

When designing innovative solutions, you cannot forget about technical solutions. Short website loading times are of key importance. The mobile website version also needs to be refined. More and more orders come in fact from mobile sources.

We’ve got it!

Interactive solutions on websites are, first of all, attractive to the users, and, secondly, everyone is talking about them. Engaging the user into interactions makes them stay with the brand for longer, while clever and personalised ways of purchasing products provide more comfort and assurance that it is worthwhile. What option we choose obviously depends on our goal.



Dawid Bartodziej

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