We work on solutions at every stage of the product life cycle, using a strategic approach and a set of proven methods.

Research & Analysis

What you will gain? 

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of your business.
  • You will find your place in the market.
  • You will learn the leading directions of product/service development.
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Product Discovery

What you will gain? 

  • You will reduce the risks associated with a new product or brand.
  • You will understand the problem and needs of users.
  • You will receive a defined business model that will allow you to commercialize the created product.
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What you will gain?

  • Clarity about the essence of your brand.
  • You will know the personality of your brand.
  • You will get ready-made tools to build your brand’s position in the market.
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What do we offer

The services we offer as part of the process of obtaining key data for your business

& Analysis

Where are we? Research allows us to better understand today’s situation on the market and the leading directions the industry follows. Looking deep into your business specificity and competition leads to conclusions and recommendations, and it is crucial to your product or brand’s success. What includes a range of services?

Needs analysis
We research users concentrating on understanding their behavior, needs, and motivations through interviews, different observation techniques, task analysis and other methods.
Competitor analysis
We check what strategies and solutions are used by your competitors. It helps in defining your market position.
We conduct a special market analysis and check existing solutions from different industries that may be used in your business.
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Trend analysis
We collect information about new trends and find patterns to propose the most effective solution.
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Where to go? Product Discovery is a process that decreases uncertainty and minimizes risk connected with new product introduction to the market. It is based on the iteration approach allowing the creation of products that fit users.

Entering new products (innovation)
We help companies to work through their value proposition and action strategies. We define problems, effective methods, products, and business models for your product.
Digital transformation
We help companies facing the challenges connected to digital transformation. We check the risks, chances, and threats and recommend the best solutions.
Product-led growth
We work strategy based on using a product as the major tool to sourcing, activate, and keep clients.
We create a minimal functionality product so you can check if your idea is profitable.

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How to get there? Strategy provides a solid foundation for implementing a consistent brand vision. Solutions developed in the strategic process are effective because they are based on thoughtful assumptions that meet the current situation of the brand and its target group.

Brand strategy
We develop a strategy that helps brands stand out from the competition, define their place in the market, and showcase their unique personality and features.
Marketing and communications strategy
We define communication goals and target groups and propose channels, messages, and communication frequency to meet defined KPIs.
Business and sales strategy
Together with the client, we look for solutions that will increase sales and meet business goals. All based on market specifics and the needs of the target audience of the product.
E-commerce strategy
We create strategic solutions dedicated to e-shops, knowing the challenges they face on a daily basis.
Customer Experience (CX) strategy
We develop effective ways to build positive user experiences in every aspect of the purchase process, from marketing and sales activities to customer service.
Growth strategy
We create a growth strategy that is based on assessing the current situation, finding the right development paths, and preparing a plan of actions to help implement them.
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Tomasz Wszołek
Business Developer


What our clients say

We don’t mince words. We care about the effectiveness of implemented projects, which is appreciated by our clients.

For the second time, Orbico Group had the opportunity to cooperate with Kreatik during the implementation of a project dedicated to an international scale. And in this case, they did not disappoint us. We could count on creative ideas that went beyond standard activities involving employees. Thanks to well-planned work, we were ready with all the activities much earlier than in previous years when we carried out this event by our own. High flexibility of cooperation, openness to feedback, and commitment are something we value the most!
Martyna Morawiec
HR Manager
We were really confident in Kreatik’s abilities and experience in the industry. During our cooperation on the new website, we consulted the team on UX solutions and tools and we could always count on professional support.
Filip Łubisz
Head of Marketing, Tree Development Group
Cooperation with Kreatik was based on full engagement and a deep understanding of client’s needs. Efficient communication, professionalism and reaching solutions together – that’s the best summary of our project. Much recommended.
Dominika Jeżowska
Eurocash Distribution
Kreatik definitely presents that mix of strategy, creative conception, and timely execution.
Natalia Biel
Vice Director of Marketing, GetResponse
The Kreatik team introduced me to the wonderful world of creative design thinking, pushing the multidisciplinary teams to the very boundaries of our creative abilities. Maria and her team can combine an extensive knowledge of problem definition and idea generating techniques with high energy workshop involvement and business sense.
An Louwagie
Business Consultant in Bisnode Belgium
On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to thank the entire Kreatika team for their creativity, diligence, and dedication to the work on our joint social campaign.
Professionalism from start to finish.
Alicja Gaca
CEO, Fundacja Głosem Zwierząt
From our perspective, Kreatik provided exceptional services and exceeded our expectations in every way.
Mikołaj Stachowiak
Marketing Specialist, Lisner
Their transparent and professional approach to business made working with them a positive experience.

Marketing Manager, Taxology
Kreatik was an extremely skilled and creative partner who delivered outstanding results on time.
Klaudia Malesińska
Business Developer, MTA Digital
Their flexibility, quick response time and project manager service were really top notch.
Małgorzata Kaźmierczak
Junior Trade Marketing Manager, Żabka Polska

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Whatever you need, we got your back. We’re available for new projects.

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