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The main assumption of the project involved the zero-touch product concept, which provides the user with the possibility to order a car rental without the need for direct contact with customer service. The design was key making the complex rental process accessible and convenient for users of different age groups, accustomed to different devices, desktop, and mobile. Thanks to this self-service approach, the customers gain the convenience and speed of the booking process, resulting in higher satisfaction and loyalty.




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Web / App Dev
August 2022 – September 2022

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Project goals

The main goal of the project for the QARSON brand was to create a modern and intuitive experience for ordering a car online. Thanks to comprehensible and intuitive UI, the complex process was meand to become accessible and convenient for customers of different age groups.
Another important assumption of the project focused on introducing various payment options when ordering car rental, and all parameters relevant to the order. On top of that, the data and transaction security displayed across the interface proved essential for completing the challenges of convenience and intuitiveness.

Product and business goals

Increase the company’s profitability by automating processes and reducing costs.
Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Limit the workload of customer service due to a self-service design.
Streamline the booking process and shorten the user’s wait time.
Implement user-friendly and intuitive interfaces adapted to every age group.
Adapt to customer requirements and preferences – to make the process flexible and adaptable to individual customer requirements.
Add the features of order tracking and management to enable Qarson brand to take full control over the ordering process and provide access to up-to-date order information.
Create a responsive product design available for all devices, mobile and desktop alike.
Streamline the booking process and shortening the waiting time for a car.

Step 1

User needs and requirements analysis. Collecting information about users’ expectations and needs regarding the online car ordering platform

Step 2

Legacy data analysis

Step 3

Workshops with company employees to better understand the product and business goals.

Step 4

Creating user personas (profiles of archetypal users) to outline the customers’ their needs and preferences.

Step 5

User flow mapping to determine the steps a user must take to order a car rental online.

Step 6

Interface design, including mock-ups of the booking process interface.

Step 7

Iterative product development process to implement improvements based on test results and user feedback.

The final result 
The final result 
The final result 
The final result 

How did it go?

Currently, the project is still in implementation, with usability testing ahead. As of today, our collaboration with Qarson has contributed to visible results:

  • Increase in the convenience and simplicity of the ordering process
  • More intuitive user interface design
  • Increase in loyalty by improving user experience (UX)

online ordering Qarson
online ordering Qarson
online ordering Qarson
online ordering Qarson
online ordering Qarson

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Paulina Figlewicz
UX designer
Weronika Worsztynowicz
Project Manager
Paulina Miracka
UI Designer

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