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We recently released to the world a Product Discovery Workbook describing our, Kreatik’s, Product Discovery process. We are very proud of it. In writing it, we brought together the skills and experience of the whole team to finally boast a compendium of Product Discovery knowledge.
This time we decided to try it with a new form of an ebook, the format of which will make it easier to collect valuable feedback (including yours ;)) and improve with each subsequent iteration.

Choosing a topic was not difficult. “Let’s make an MVP about MVPs” came up at the team meeting. 
Well, it’s a decision then!

How it will work – assumptions

We discussed a lot about the form of this ebook. We had a choice between a traditional form available as a PDF file or an interactive one placed on our website. The goal was the same – to write a valuable ebook. There was no shortage of conflicting opinions, beliefs, and habits within the team. 

Voices in defense of the ebook in PDF form:

  • I download the ebook and read it at my leisure.
  • I do not want to memorize the page on which to read. I prefer to have it saved in full on disk.
  • I read while traveling by train. There is often no internet coverage.
  • People will get the ebook when they sign up for the newsletter. It is our lead magnet.

Voices in favor of the digital form:

  • I do not have time to read the whole thing and often go back and read chapter after chapter.
  • I want to read comfortably on my phone, but the PDF has too little text.
  • It will be easier to collect feedback from users.
  • We will encourage people to sign up for the newsletter, where we will announce the creation of the following chapters.

Finally, we decided to make a digital MVP about the MVP while trying out new and different possibilities.

What you will find here?

The ebook is about to be a testing ground for us, but at the same time, it will contain substantive content on all phases of building and researching an MVP. It will be a body of knowledge that we will recommend to our clients before we start working on creating a new product. So there will be a bit of theory and real-life examples.

Benefits, what you will get out of it:

  • You will get a complete MVP guide. 
  • You can follow the process of creating an MVP ebook. 
  • We will share our thoughts on the process and the subsequent experiments and tests. 
  • You will have the opportunity to give us feedback.

Joanna Tulińska-Ładomirska
UX Designer

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