Five useful facts about AMP4Email – what should you know?

Dynamic e-mail messages consist of a range of recipient interactions that can happen already in the e-mail environment. The recipient can view a slideshow, sign up for a newsletter or even make a purchase in an e-mail message. Although Google presented this technology in 2018, we think it is still not widely known. We have decided to bring the subject closer to you, having deployed AMP4Email in several international projects. Here are five useful facts on dynamic e-mails.

   1. Not for everyone

Dynamic e-mails, with all their advantages, have one obvious drawback – they are not the cheapest solution. Interestingly, even a large budget does not guarantee that you will be able to send such a message. Every sender needs to be approved (whitelisted) by Google. One of the main criteria is that you need to send regular messages to large groups of recipients (six-digit numbers and more). As an encouragement, the Mountain View giant indicated nine companies that were allowed to send dynamic e-mails, they included: Pinterest and Smaller companies need to be verified.

Thanks to AMP4Email, users can make purchases directly in an e-mail message.

   2. Here and now

Marketing specialists know it well that it is increasingly harder to attract the attention of demanding internet users. A slowly loading website or a complicated purchase form are reasons why a potential customer might lose interest in us. Often irreversibly. AMP4Email is a solution to this problem, a specific channel of direct interactions with a customer, without the need to redirect them from the e-mail message to an external website, without the need to make them lose their time. In Poland, Gmail accounts for almost a half of all set up e-mail accounts; therefore, the potential target group looks very promising. Obviously, other e-mail services or e-mail applications also may soon implement the AMP4Email support.

E-mail message content can be updated on a continuous basis.

   3. Open source

A very important (from a provider’s perspective) fact is that content management is quite simple – AMP4Email is an open-source technology, which allows developers to modify and improve it whenever they like.

In an e-mail message, you can sign up for a loyalty programme.

   4. Numerous options

The technology really gives numerous convenient opportunities and fast interactions. Despite the above options of purchasing something or signing up for a newsletter, you can sign up for an event, reply to a comment to a document, fill in a survey, mark your availability on a calendar, etc.

AMP4Email means more convenient content viewing, e.g. as a picture slideshow, and simpler navigation, e.g. thanks to adding a drop-down list.

It is also very important that such messages contain up-to-date information (e.g. travel agency offer or stock exchange data), which can be updated on an ongoing basis and never go out of ate.

A dynamic picture slideshow in an e-mail is possible with AMP4Email

   5. Free choice

Note that the dynamic e-mail function is optional. It will be able to turn it off any time in the Gmail settings, which will automatically make our messages display in the classic form. Designing e-mail messages, remember to take care of their clarity and not to overthink stuff

AMP4email also allows buying a service


If you have found this subject interesting and you see possibilities of implementing it at your company, you would probably like to know what the process of working with a subcontractor looks like. What should you expect, then? We guarantee:

  • a graphical design;
  • a proposition of AMP4Email elements to be used in your e-mail message;
  • a coded design that later just needs to be pasted into an e-mail sending tool;
  • an instruction on how to become whitelisted;
  • sending assistance (if software you use will not support this, we will give you a tool for sending e-mails in the AMP4Email technology);
  • support at every stage.

Dawid Bartodziej

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