#9 NEWSLETTER WHY IS E-COMMERCE BECOMING AN INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT CHANNEL IN THE FMCG INDUSTRY? A trending topic in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) world is e-grocery stores, also called online grocery stores. E-commerce provides consumers with the convenience of purchasing products 24/7. It helps to increase brand reach and provides a seamless experience for individual shoppers. Importantly, FMCG e-commerce provides a degree of independence, allowing brands to add more product lines, more payment options, and experiment with innovation without the constraints of retailer relationships.
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#8 NEWSLETTER MOBILE PAYMENTS IN E-COMMERCE Mobile payments are a key element for e-commerce stores and are extremely important from a business point of view. They enable customers to conveniently and quickly make payments, which translates into increased sales and an improved shopping experience. Customers today expect flexibility and ease in the payment process, and mobile payments allow you to meet these requirements. In addition, mobile payments allow merchants to easily track and manage payments, which translates into more efficient management of company finances. Nowadays, when the use of mobile devices is widespread, mobile payments are an integral part of every e-commerce store.
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