Kreatik talks – Antoni Leśniewski about UX Psychology

This month your questions about UX design were answered by Antek – UX Team Leader. Want to learn about the biggest e-commerce design mistakes, cognitive errors, and psychology in UX? You’ll find it all below! Why are UX and psychology […]

Understanding Digital Health – what’s included in this term?

The pandemic has caused technology and medical experts to take a curious look at the Med-tech market. Remote medical services or diagnostics have proven to be not only necessary but also a driving force for the further development of this […]

Kreatik talks – Wojciech Radomski about artificial intelligence in medicine

Maciej, UX Designer at Kreatik talks to Wojciech Radomski – CEO and Founder of StethoMe, about the impact of technology on medicine, changes in diagnosis, and the future of the MedTech industry. I would like to thank you for finding […]

E-commerce marketing – way to success in online sales!

Competition in the eCommerce market is now enormous. The really difficult practice of driving funnel traffic to convert into sales and new customers – could be a problem. Building and executing a successful marketing strategy might be the solution to […]

Kreatik talks – Luke Szyrmer about how to start and grow a SaaS business

Joanna, UX Designer at Kreatik talks to Luke Szyrmer – a podcaster, the author of 2 books “Launch tomorrow” and “Managing remote teams” and Product Manager at GetResponse, about changes in management and technology, SaaS strategy, and why post-pandemic work […]

E-commerce insights – one page of news!

We are not slowing down and we are constantly preparing new content that could be useful in your work. This time we focused on the e-commerce industry and created a completely new format – a short PDF that is packed […]

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