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Location Lab

Location Lab offers services in developing Geographical Information System (GIS). The company prepares spatial data browsers, systems for managing spatial data, analytical systems, and specialised services such as dedicated plug-ins, geo-coders or map generators.

The task

The client asked us to prepare their corporate identity and create a responsive, intuitive website showcasing its new offer under the Location Lab brand. Perfect task for Kreatik!


We aimed to present Location Lab as an innovative and professional software house. At the same time, we wanted identification and communication to relate to the area in which Location Lab specialises. The corporate identity we created is characterised by its transparency and minimalist form. We designed a responsive website and put life into it with subtle, smooth animations. Based on our experience as well as UX research, such activity significantly improves the assessment of website functionality in the eyes of users.

Central to the website is an offer that we presented in a user-friendly way. The next component of the website exposed logos of recognisable companies that are also the key customers of Location Lab.


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