Things to remember when collaborating with influencers. Learn 5 key elements.

On marketing portals, we can increasingly more often stumble upon the opinion that collaboration with influencers is no longer a beneficial solution for brands. However, the problem does not stem from the advertising means, but its quality. Today, consumers are […]

Five useful facts about AMP4Email – what should you know?

Dynamic e-mail messages consist of a range of recipient interactions that can happen already in the e-mail environment. The recipient can view a slideshow, sign up for a newsletter or even make a purchase in an e-mail message. Although Google […]

How to prepare an effective brainstorming session in 6 steps?

Wanting to carry out effective brainstorming, that is one that generates as many valuable ideas as possible, we need to make proper preparations. It will save you a lot of time and the meeting will not have to drag for […]

Action interaction!

We all have probably finished the past year summaries. Now it is time for forecasting. Venngage has presented the report results in the form of an infographic that shows what users will pay attention to in the next year, especially […]

Gestalt psychology will help you in creating interfaces

During the first moments of browsing a website, we make a general assessment of the situation: where the menu is, how we can obtain information we are looking for, what the website is about. If everything creates a consistent whole, […]

When and why do we need rebranding?

More than one in three companies have undergone rebranding in the past five years, while one in four companies still has visual identification that is older than 10 years – such are conclusions from a market survey carried out by IPSOS […]

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